This course provide participants practical details on how to build an ecommerce store using WordPress & Woocommerce. Participants will learn step-by-step, how to build a fantastic looking eCommerce store, from scratch in no time at all. And the best part is you don’t need any technical skills, in fact if you can use a web browser you are fully qualified to take this course.

Acquire the A-Z roadmap of the steps needed to start an eCommerce website; sell and market shop. Get effective growth hack strategies for your products. Throughout the ecommerce Masteclass, exercises are given to offer practical guidance to the core growth hack techniques and enable participants to leave with a solid hands-on experience that they can immediately implement in their daily business activities. At the end of this course, you will have comprehensive basic knowledge of how to build an ecommerce store from scratch using WordPress & Woocommerce. You will have a fantastic store that you can use to go on and build an ecommerce business and also You will have the skills required to become a freelance WordPress developer.

What Participants Will Learn?

  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to eCommerce
  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • Themes, Colors and Logo Design
  • Payment Providers
  • Social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram, & WhatsApp
  • eSales & Marketing Strategies
  • Content Marketing
  • Leads Generation and many more.

Who Should Attend? 

This Course is suitable for anyone who wants to understand digital technology the essential elements of running effective digital marketing campaigns based on a well-planned and integrated digital marketing strategy such as business owners, marketing managers, digital managers, social media professionals, shop/store owners, interested individuals, people seeking to advance their career, start-ups and any one relying on the internet to grow their business.

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