Beafit Ghana Official Website Launched

Beatrice Afful is a certified fitness expert, and currently Ghana’s 1st Fitness Ambassador for Tourism. She helps individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles, the aim of which is to generate the energy they require daily to support their lifestyles. She believes that a change in lifestyle to healthier options ultimately slows down the natural aging process.

As a professional fitness trainer, Beatrice has worked with some of Ghana’s biggest corporate institutions e.g. the Enterprise Group, the Jospong Group, Graphic Corporation (Sports), Nestle Ghana Limited, Ministry of Tourism, Joy FM, MMDAs, Level C executives, Churches, Private and Public clubs and groups as well as individuals.

Beatrice, affectionately and popularly known as BeaDeBully, is in her 50s and a mother of three. She is energetic, very passionate about life and also believes that to stay fit and healthy is a personal conversation to have with oneself. Beatrice attests to the tremendous impact of exercise on one’s health and looks.

She is currently the lead fitness instructor for Beafit and FAT2FIT GH. Additionally, Bea has also created Health and Wellness Retreats and Bootcamps which are weight management programmes for individuals who are seeking guidance and assistance to regain a youthful and healthy lifestyle. Beatrice has over 10 years’ experience as a professional fitness trainer and weight management consultant. Kindly visit for more details.

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