Cyclux Digital Training Center

Cyclux Training is a digital training center dedicated to offering quality IT and Business Training. We provide students and professional with practical digital skills that enable them to secure employment or become self-employed. Our main goal is to offer practical technology and entrepreneurship trainings with a focus on CAREER. We’re dedicated to offering quality IT and Entrepreneurship training.

We are recognized for providing top-class training contents through our worldwide educational & research partnership to offer world-class digital training with local impart. Cyclux courses are delivered by highly skilled industry professionals with the aim to Convey Purpose – thus, each course is designed to deliver exceptional educational experience with real experiences and case studies.

Our courses are designed to help participants master the essential disciplines in technology and business management.

Our Courses include:

  • Front-End Developer (Website Designer)
  • Backend Developer (Website Developer)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cyber Security
  • Office and Administrative Support
  • Sage, Accounting & Book Keeping
  • Business Management (module)
  • Digital Pastoring
  • Graphic Designing

Our Vision: To be the most preferred IT and Business training institution in Africa.

Our Mission: To provide quality and affordable digital training with Christ-Centered modules in Africa.

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