Royal Shemesh Driving Smart Solutions

Established in Accra, Ghana, Royal Shemesh Limited has over 4 years provides services to both Local and international bodies. As a private entity, we have provided solution for services under Information Technology, Business Consulting services and Renewable Energy Solutions. Passion to deliver simple, creative and experiential solutions on Renewable Energy Solutions, Distributions and installation of industrial and Domestic Photovoltaic Products, Inverters and Batteries, Solar lights and panels.

Royal Shemesh has a dedicated team of IT professionals and Business Solutions experts with years of practical experience in the IT industry. Our Services includes:

  • IT and Technology Solutions
  • Business Development Consulting
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • Renewable Energy Solutions

As a digital agency propping enterprises with technology; Cyclux delivered bespoke and tailored enterprise web design  from business analysis and design to coding and deploying.

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