Digital Marketing Webinar – Benefits Of A Website

Digital Marketing Webinar – Benefits Of A Website

This 2hour webinar is designed to provide a detailed practical introduction to the benefits of a website and how to promote and get meaningful results from owning one. Participants will understand the essentials of running effective digital marketing campaigns based on a strategy.

Cyclux Certified Courses are technology driven Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs tailored towards developing human capacity. We provide students and professionals with practical technology and management skills that enable them to secure employment, become self-employed and be valuable at the workplace. Our main aim is to offer practical entrepreneurial trainings with a focus on CAREER (Covered Assignment Revealed to Enter Essential Rest).

We are recognized for providing top-class Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses through our worldwide educational & research partnership to offer world-class training with local impart. Cyclux courses are delivered by highly skilled industry professionals with the aim to Convey Purpose – thus, each course is designed to deliver exceptional educational experience with real experiences and case studies.

This Webinar is tailored towards empowering participants with the skill-set to help get the best out of their website and digital platforms. Kindly visit for more info. Webinar date is Thursday 8th September 2022, 10am. Click to SignUp for Free OR Call 0553893144

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