First Apajar Link Consults Limited (FALCOL) Your Preferred Educational & Travel Consultancy

First Apajar Link Consults Limited (FALCOL) Your Preferred Educational & Travel Consultancy

FALCOL your preferred educational and travel consultancy aim to be the leading Ghanaian provider in educational programs with a worldwide reputation for the employability of our graduates in the industries based on academic, professional and personal excellence. FALCOL has established itself as a dynamic and respected Ghanaian educational and capacity building consultancy firm over the years. We represent many prominent European, Asian and American Universities. FALCOL has been delivering innovative online and face-to-face capacity building training programmes to organisations and individuals around the world. Together with our network of expert trainers, over 100 training workshops on different topics have been delivered in different sectors.

We therefore serves as a bridge between the aspirations of this generation and the real chances for global educational development and areas of professional interest. Our services include: Students Recruitment, Cultural Exchange Programmes, Trade fairs Promotion, Travel Consultancy, Security and Safety Training.

Why Us

  • FALCOL helps participants establish academic and professional networks abroad, develop leadership potential and global knowledge for the advancement of academic and career goals.
  • We organize marketing, recruitment and outreach to various academic, non-profit and business institutions.
  • FALCOL provides professional and specialized advice in the areas of international education and professional engagement.

Our Services

  • Students Recruitment
  • Security and Safety training courses
  • Security Events promotion
  • Homeland Security Education
  • Football Trials
  • Artist Agent
  • Man power agency
  • Cultural Exchange programes
  • Summer and Winter Educational Programes
  • Trade fairs Promotion
  • And many more

Cyclux Consult as a technology company which support enterprises to drive growth and increase revenues through branding, application development and web systems development and maintenance partnered with  First Apajar Link Consults Limited to build a corporate profile website which contains various services and about of FALCOL.This virtual presence helps user to have a first-hand information about the company and its trusted partners. Visit to check it out.

Book a session for free consultation through their support line. Kindly contact Tel.: (+233) 302 329 366 / Mob: (+233) 243 480 286/541 002 541 OR Email:

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