Holistic Migration Consult – The Modern Drivers Of Migration

Holistic Migration Consult – The Modern Drivers Of Migration


In recent years, migration has attracted screaming news headlines, negative reports and unpleasant remarks from some of the leading media houses and policy analysts across the well-to-do global north countries. Research has shown that migration is not a recent invention by global south countries. Migration has been an integral part of our cultural heritage and survival strategy on this planet.  We even read about father Abraham relocating from the land of his birth at age 75 to live among the Canaanites as recorded in Genesis 12:1

Why Do People Migrate

Indeed, people migrate for various reasons some of which include relentless search for better economic opportunities, to join spouses living abroad, to access quality education, to move away from natural disasters or ravaging conflicts, climate change, global warming, poor soil fertility and also to escape oppressive rule or persecution

The Ramifications Of Migration

Migration whether internal or International, permanent or temporary, voluntary or involuntary, and documented or undocumented has both positive and negative implications. For instance migration can contribute to rapid urbanization leading to the formation of slums. Some unscrupulous persons also take advantage engage in human smuggling, human trafficking and exploitation of the vulnerable persons. There is also the public health related issues such as the spread of HIV AIDS, Tuberculosis, Yellow Fever, Covid’19 and Ebola.

On the other hand, migration can also bring about financial, social and cultural remittances needed for development in the sending countries, technology transfer, and activities of home town associations, entrenched democratic governance and effective rule of law and gender parity.

The Drivers Of Migration

The recent technology advancement in communication, transportation, healthcare delivery, education and increase conflict situations, global warming and poverty levels will continue to encourage potential migrants out of places of less opportunities to the well-endowed global north countries until pragmatic migration policies are formulation and implemented especially in the sending countries of Africa, Asia and South America.


The Holistic Migration Consult was therefore established to provide topnotch and affordable solutions to the nagging legal, policy, institutional, governmental and diplomatic challenges in managing migration in Africa.


Holistic Migration Consult seeks to become a leading provider of topnotch out-migration and immigration solutions to our treasured clients while creating substantial value for stakeholders.


Holistic Migration Consult exist to be a solid bridge between out-migrants, immigrants and major stakeholders of migrant governance and development.


  • To help create employment and other economic opportunities in the sending countries to minimize out migration
  • To help reduce irregular or undocumented migration to barest minimum
  • To help educate immigrants and out-migrants on their right and responsibilities
  • To assist the African American people who would like to relocate and do business in Africa


  • African Diaspora Business and Investment Roundtable, New York City
  • Wasenor Division of the Yilo Krobo State, Somanya
  • Sanbrafie of the Dormaa Traditional Council, Dormaa Ahenkro
  • West Africa Diaspora Muslim Mission, Accra
  • Gonja Traditional Council, Savanna Region

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