Reasons Your Website Isn’t Getting Results

Reasons Your Website Isn’t Getting Results

A website is undoubtedly one of the most powerful ways of marketing your business in the 21st century. With a website, you can reach more potential customers, global audience, get more brand awareness and multiply your sales. It helps improve your business credibility, saves you time, helps cut costs, and provides a level ground for competing with your industry giants.

People often express discouragement and disappointment with their website, because the reality is different from their expectation. No one visits and no sales not even a single lead. Customers sometimes ask if they even have a website, since they’re buried beneath so many search engine results pages no one ever sees them. Just having a good looking website isn’t enough. Certainly, having a bad looking website is also a problem. There are a lot of factors that go into creating a successful website, but when it’s done correctly, you get mind-blowing results.

Below are some of the reasons why your website could be making very little or no results:

  1. Your design doesn’t work on mobile thus more than half of all web traffic happens on mobile. If your website only looks right and works on desktop, you’re reducing your chances of website success by 50 percent.
  2. Website loading speed is very crucial to your online business success. 45% of website visitors expect a web page to load within 5 seconds or less. 38% of people abandon a website that takes more than 7 seconds to load. Every 1-second delay in loading your website will send away your website visitors to your competitors.
  3. There are no other digital marketing channels (Social Media, Google Analytics, SEO, Site Indexing, business directories) and many more, embedded in your website to help push or rank your website.
  4. Using free themes and plugins give your website access to hackers and malware. Your business could lose credibility if cyber-criminals are able to steal information your customers send. Security issues will keep you from experiencing website success.
  5. Absence of call-to-actions; So after the visitors go through your web pages, what next? If your website does not prompt them to take a specific action, then you are doing it wrong. You could be losing plenty of potential customers as a result. Create and strategically place conspicuous buttons that prompt them to take actions such as “enroll”, “register”, “contact us”, “book appointment”, “request quote”, “get started”, “subscribe”, “call us”, etc.
    By doing so you are guaranteed to start seeing some improvements in the results you get.
  6. Website owners need to be part of their website thus directing traffic through organic and in organic social media promotions, email marketing, responding to emails and chat messages and also sharing web links and company advertising channels.

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