Save Money By Renewing Your Domain In Advance

Save Money By Renewing Your Domain In Advance

In plain English, a domain name is the text that a user types into a browser window to reach a particular website. For instance, the domain name for Google is ‘’. A domain name is a string of text that maps to a numeric IP address, used to access a website from client software.

Most people renew their domain name each year and sign up for another year just before it expires. And it seems like a good strategy for keeping money in your pocket for as long as possible.

However, there are good reasons to take a long-term approach to domain names. Domains can generally be registered up to 10 years in advance. Let’s see how you can save money and avoid big problems down the road by renewing for a year or more.

As a domain name registrar, Cyclux is a retailer. When you register a domain, Cyclux has to pay a wholesaler known as a registry for each top-level domain or TLD. Registries set a price on each TLD they offer, and the prices may change over time. They usually adjust prices upward, forcing domain registrars to increase their own prices for their customers.

Don’t Lose Your Domain thus every day thousands of domain registrations are deleted because people forgot to renew them or the credit card they had on file with their registrar was no longer active. These domains are usually snapped up by people who will charge a lot of money if you want to buy the domain back from them. Give yourself peace of mind by renewing your domains far in advance so you don’t accidentally lose them.

You might not want to renew a domain name for ten years if you’re not sure you’ll be using it for long. But most people who have active websites plan to keep running them for a long time. Cyclux renew domains for various products and service my websites in advance. Signup today ; get a domain name for your business or renew a current one.

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